Masonic Study - Entered Apprentice

Entered Apprentice Mason Course

3 Modules 8 Chapters 34 Lessons None

About this course

When you arrived at the lodge you were shuttled to the Preparation Room where you were prepared as follows:

  • neither clothed nor naked,
  • neither shod nor barefoot,
  • blindfolded and with a cabletow,
  • without any money or metallic substances

Freemasonry is about the inner man and is not impressed with wealth, rank, titles or privileges. As such, you were stripped of any identification which may indicate wealth, status or title within the world. Whether you are a King, President, Nobelman, commoner, or pauper, inside the lodge we are all equals.

Your worldly accomplishments, wealth, or station in life are to be left outside the lodge.

By wearing simple clothing, you proved you are a man and prepared to be received as a candidate.