Masonic Study - Fellow Craft

Fellow Craft Mason Course

8 Modules 6 Chapters 76 Lessons

About this course

Congratulations! You are now a Fellow Craft Freemason, and have taken the second step in Freemasonry.

The Fellow Craft Degree is infinitely fascinating and shrouded in symbolism and allegory.

As in the Entered Apprentice degree, so in the Fellow Craft degree: you have to work to prepare.

Do not look on this degree as just a stepping stone to the next; it is far from it. This is the working degree of a Freemason. The skills of the operative mason were developed and honed here. You are the journeyman; make the most of this time of doing and appreciating.

This course will provide you with a better understanding of the ceremony you have just experienced, its importance to your Masonic journey, and the meaning and significance behind the degree.

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